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Why vegan?

We all make changes in our lives every day. We are driven by desire, social influence, obligation, pride, awareness, and values. However, for many, making changes to our lifestyles—particularly to our diets—can be daunting. No matter what inspires you—human rights, environmental protection, animal welfare, or personal health—eating vegan supports a better world. 


As an ethical vegan (for me, it is about causing the least amount of animal suffering), I could answer the question, “Why vegan?” quite simply with for the animals followed by loads of data showing how billions of animals are treated as they live and die in the animal agricultural industry. But luckily, following a vegan or plant-based diet serves to make the planet and our bodies much healthier too! 


If you're not quite there, or even if you are, we should all continue to educate ourselves especially on food issues since our choices impact the world with each meal. Below are some of my favorite resources in support of being vegan. 






    Human health





Cruelty-free products

Recommended films


Local Washington animal sanctuaries

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