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Cooking Classes

In Seattle we are fortunate enough to have lots of vegan options when it comes to dining out. However, many of us grew up eating meat, dairy, and eggs so it can be intimidating and overwhelming to try to veganize meals at home. Well, I’m here to help! 


Twenty-ahem-years-a-long-time ago I went vegetarian and sixteen years ago I went vegan. It wasn’t until about twelve years ago that I started cooking—really cooking—and experimenting with recipes beyond just replacing meat and dairy. Today, I find real joy in cooking and baking. Whether it’s just a quick dinner for two, a special let-me-show-you-how-good-a-vegan-cake-can-be birthday cupcakes, or an all-out Thanksgiving feast—it’s become one of my greatest passions that I love to share with others. 


Nothing fancy here. These classes are centered around delicious familiar foods that happen to be vegan. If you require or prefer an allergy friendly menu, please let me know at the time of booking. 


I have one simple goal; to help animals through food by bringing people together for a fun and educational experience that leaves everyone inspired to create more vegan meals at home. 

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